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One-time donations can also be made online, or by sending a check payable to Mountain Pet Rescue at:

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We love all our pets, but sometimes there's that special four-legged friend who changes our lives forever. Maybe he slept on his back - or knew how to open doors with his paws. Maybe she was there for you during a tough time in your life but could always make you smile. 

Whoever this special pet may be, perhaps you'd like to honor him by making a donation in his name. If so, we are happy to post a photo of your beloved pet, and include a small biography so that anyone who views our site will know how much your pet is loved. 

To donate in memory or in honor of your pet, please contact us by email, on Facebook, or give us a call at 970-281-PET-1 (7381)
Donate In Memory or In Honor of Your Pet
*The costs to rescue a pet with additional needs goes above and beyond the costs of rescuing a healthy pet.
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